Turbulence Is Unpredictable


Shauna Dittl

Turbulence is one of the most unpredictable of all the weather phenomena. Have you ever been on a flight where the turbulence is so bad that you think, this is it, this is how it all goes down? Luckily, I have been on just a few of these flights and they all taught me something about myself. I say luckily because I travel around the world often so anytime a flight goes up and lands on the ground with everyone breathing is a great freaking day.  Recently, I was flying from Arizona to Colorado and I got to thinking about the word turbulence.  It could be a stubbed toe, a rocky marriage, a child with special needs, or a terminal diagnosis. Think about that, our perception of the turbulence in our lives is vastly different and important to consider when we interact with others. 


Shauna Dittl

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