The Best Apology Is Changed Behavior


Shauna Dittl

How many times do we hear the words, I’m sorry? Daily from our kids, weekly from our significant other, and regularly from people we don’t even know. It is a habitual reaction to say those two words after everything, whether the situation warrants it or not. Now, take a moment to think about what those words mean to you. For me, I’m sorry has been abused so much in my life that I’ve become a bit hardened about the true meaning. In relationships, especially, I make it a point to only apologize if I genuinely did something to hurt the other person. In constantly apologizing we are telling ourselves that we are  wrong. Wrong for expressing our feelings, our wants, and our needs. Today we deep dive into stopping the apology addiction!


Shauna Dittl

Hey! I’m Shauna! Your daily dose of joy and sunshine. With over 10 years in the medical field as a Diagnostic Sonographer, 5 years as the CEO of my own certified personal training and nutrition coaching business, motivational podcaster, best selling author and future Naturopathic Physician, I’ve got what it takes to help you develop your own superhero muscles.