Stress Makes You Stupid


Shauna Dittl

Did you know there is actually no reason at all to get stressed out? There is no reason for blowing up or shutting down. If you allow each moment of each day to pass through you, life becomes an exhilarating vacation. This life is a playground, there is no rulebook and you can’t screw this up. What you can do is make peace with the present moment and stop running around like a high strung crazy person that just escaped the psych ward.


Shauna Dittl

Hey! I’m Shauna! Your daily dose of joy and sunshine. With over 10 years in the medical field as a Diagnostic Sonographer, 5 years as the CEO of my own certified personal training and nutrition coaching business, motivational podcaster, best selling author and future Naturopathic Physician, I’ve got what it takes to help you develop your own superhero muscles.