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go broke with the plan

4 steps to FREEDOM! I help female athletes free their minds to free their behaviors. Discover how a holistic life audit will guide you in strengthening your own superhero muscles while building a life on a foundation of joy and gratitude.



Her inner beauty shines through when she speaks!


I love listening to Shauna’s podcasts! From life updates, to advice, she is truly a light. Always guaranteed a good laugh, sometimes cry, or learn something new.


She always says exactly what I need to hear and puts it in a way almost better than my therapist.


Shauna motivates me daily, and guides me to do something different if what I’m doing is not working!


Her personality, energy, and coaching are always at 150%, and I can’t wait to keep working with her and keep improving!


I find that she gives 200% every time, even if she feels like she’s running at 50%.

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