Life Is A CockTail Of Joy + Heartbreak. Marriage, Divorce + Life Today


Shauna Dittl

5 years ago I got married. I said I do, for what I thought was the rest of my life. 4 years ago I laid behind my couch in fetal position to call my parents and tell them I was getting divorced.  All your plans are just that, plans. Life will constantly interfere, redirect you, and refocus you. Your willingness to get uncomfortable and accept these redirections is your unique human experience. Anxiety and fear serve as messengers to launch you into the next level of your life. Are you ready to catapult forward and send out love bombs?


Shauna Dittl

Hey! I’m Shauna! Your daily dose of joy and sunshine. With over 10 years in the medical field as a Diagnostic Sonographer, 5 years as the CEO of my own certified personal training and nutrition coaching business, motivational podcaster, best selling author and future Naturopathic Physician, I’ve got what it takes to help you develop your own superhero muscles.