How To Flex Your Risk Muscle + Live Life In The Unknown


Shauna Dittl

Risk is ubiquitous (found everywhere) in daily life. People weigh the costs and benefits of important life decisions involving medical treatments, financial investments, leisure time activities, and life partners. What I have found is that calculated risks always win. In dropping expectations, we release control, and we let go of what makes us so-called “successes or failures” in life. The art of risk-taking is built upon time, consistency, and failure. Fail forward. Just like leg day in the gym, it’s going to suck, but damn, is it ever worth it. Today we discuss 5 practices to improve your risk taking muscle. Let go of where you think you should be and embrace what you cannot yet see. Life is ALWAYS happening for you!


Shauna Dittl

Hey! I’m Shauna! Your daily dose of joy and sunshine. With over 10 years in the medical field as a Diagnostic Sonographer, 5 years as the CEO of my own certified personal training and nutrition coaching business, motivational podcaster, best selling author and future Naturopathic Physician, I’ve got what it takes to help you develop your own superhero muscles.