Did You Know 53% Of Online Daters Lied In Their Profile? How Do You Know If You’re Relationship Shopping?


Shauna Dittl

Jay Shetty says it best, “Sometimes people jump from relationship to relationship, because they are trying to avoid the challenges that love requires. There is no growth in the cycle of flirting, hooking up, and ditching. If we never commit, we will never know love.” As a woman and as former Hinge swiper, I get it. We think there is this perfect person out there who will make all our hopes and dreams come true. These unrealistic expectations have us in a vicious cycle of¬†relationship shopping.¬†Today we deep dive into how you define LOVE and how different this can look to your partner. How can we have tough conversations to figure out if this is cute chemistry, or true connection?


Shauna Dittl

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