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Shauna Dittl

Shauna Dittl is a former competitive bodybuilder, podcast host, author, 10-year medical professional, and future Naturopathic Physician! She is a human soul magnet and conscious joy spreader, teaching universal and strategic principles for navigating change.



Navigating the undercurrents of life

waves of joy

Life is a cocktail of joy and heartbreak. Learn how to breathe in happiness and positivity amidst challenging circumstances. The most profound awareness can permeate through you as you demystify happiness and turn failure into feedback. Ultimately, life happens for you, not to you. 

The time we spend together will teach you how to foster true identity freedom, live simply, leave the mundane, travel the world, and radiate joy. Told from everyday life experience, passion, and common sense.

Often the undercurrents of life pull us in directions we never imagined

You don’t have to fall apart, you get to fall apart

If you are grounded in uncertainty, and have a safe place to fall apart, you can show up in life just as you are


waves of joy

ACCEPTED into 3 Naturopathic Medicine Programs

ACCEPTED into 3 Naturopathic Medicine Programs

NATUROPATHIC BLOG Future Doctor As Teacher May 2023 I will never forget the day I decided becoming a naturopathic doctor was my calling. I had been fighting sickness after sickness after years of competitive bodybuilding. I had no idea why I looked seven months...

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